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We are the memories we collect. Every year Pousada do Pelé becomes the stage of unforgettable moments for those who decide to get married on the beach, to celebrate a special occasion  with those they love or simply step into a New Year surrounded by the exuberant nature in Trindade.

New Year 2020

A 5-​night package  at Pousada do Pelé which includes a delectable New Year's eve dinner served in front of the beach.

Espaço amplo para eventos
Uma amendoeira linda
Ceia do Revéillon 2019
Hóspedes no Revéillon
Fogos vistos da Pousada
Casamento na Pousada
Tenda p/casamento montada na praia
Casamento na Pousada


May and June bring mild temperatures and calm beaches for you to hold your wedding party with us, under our majestic sea-almond tree and right on the sea shore.


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